So, while the popularity of the coffee table may be on the wane at this particular time, the classic end-table is enjoying a resurging dominance in homes all across the country. This certainly is not the case where contemporary end tables are concerned because they now play a central role in the décor of most modern interior design schemes.

The mantra of the modern décor is very clear and simple: clean, simple lines and wide open space’lots of it. It was typical for classic end tables to be placed on either side of a sofa or couch’sort of the anchors of this seating area. No longer is the end table perceived as ‘an added extra’ to the décor and the wide range of new-age designs and materials is testimony to this transformation. The coffee table, it seems, interrupts the flow of the wide-open floor plans common to contemporary interior design while the classic end tables still adorn either side of the sofa without creating obstructions in the middle of the room. Nowadays, the particular design elements of the living room in the contemporary home have seemed dining room chairs to wander in two very distinct directions: minimalism combined with artistic flare. To find your ‘new-age’ coffee table, try online shopping venues as they have the greatest selection and lowest prices for contemporary end tables when compared to most traditional retailers.

Perhaps it is just a trend, but the classic end table was more of an accessory to the living room than a prominent feature. The sofa, chair, coffee table, and classic end tables have been prominent features in living rooms for centuries but their particular designs have always changed with the tastes and wants of the culture.

But if you look in many contemporary design magazines or furniture showrooms, tables have undergone an evolution that tends to leave them resembling the classic end tables’smaller, few accoutrements, and often made with artistic presentation in mind. Although furniture has remained pretty much the same for thousands of years going all the way back the ancient Egyptians, there have always been evolving tastes and design schemes.

Traditional end tables were made from wood and had a flat surface on top for placing magazines, drinks, or whatever one might need next to the sofa or chair.. Surprisingly, it is even common for the coffee table to be completely left out of the décor which has placed an even greater importance on contemporary end tables where both function and aesthetics are concerned.


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February 2020
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No furniture problem is quite as frustrating as a table that’s too high for its dining chairs. If you want to raise your chair’s height, however, you can do so in many different ways. Depending on your preference, you may try chair raisers, wooden blocks, chair cushions, or a variety of products to increase a dining chair’s height. Before you know it, you’ll be able to sit at your dining table comfortably!